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Week 16 Announcements: December 8-12


The fall semester Informance is Tuesday, December 9 from 10:20-12pm in Barnett: See the creative work developed by OSU dance undergrads, grads, and classes this semester, and celebrate the end of Fall 2014!

COMING SOON: Details about exciting opportunity to audition for a Repertory Company to tour to Brazil with Susan Hadley over Spring Break 2016!

It's the last blog post of the semester! The OSU Dance blog will be back in action for Week 1 of Spring semester: January 12-16, 2015. If you have news items over break, faculty should send them to Dori and students should send them to Sarah.


2nd Year MFAs: Your five-page proposal drafts are due to your committee on December 17.

Grad auditions are January 15-17! Check your email in the coming weeks for sign-up information and details.

Job postings: University of WashingtonUniversity of BuffaloTufts UniversityDenison UniversitySUNY BrockportUniversity of North Carolina: CharlotteMacalester CollegeUniversity of FloridaRichard Stockton CollegeWilliams College

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Are you interested in being a University Host or University Ambassador? Undergraduate admissions will accept applications for University Ambassadors (tour guides) beginning on December 18. Applications for University Hosts (greet prospective students and parents) will be available January 12. For more information, email or

Applications for May study abroad programs are due on January 1! Information.

Participate in a research study: Dr. Daniel McDonald and Katie Dale seek research volunteers for a research study this spring examining stereotypes in the media. Commitment: minimum of three hours per week. Academic credit is available. For more information, email Katie Dale by January 4 with class schedule, relevant research experience, and availability during spring semester.

2nd Annual CalArts @ Dance Camera West Emerging Artists Competition: The Emerging Artists Competition welcomes submissions of dance media in any dance style or genre. The competition includes two categories--high school and undergraduate college--and allows students to compete only with other students. Submissions are due January 16. Information.

Study abroad in Ghana: Nani Agbeli, Professor and Director of West African Music, Dance and Arts at Cal Arts, leads a trip to Ghana from July 25-August 15. The trip features classes in drumming and dancing, as well as day trips and performances. 

Undergraduate Summer Funding Research Awards: These $3,500 funding awards support full-time, faculty-supervised undergraduate research or creative activity projects over 10 weeks in summer semester 2015. Applications are due February 15. Information.

**Featured MFA program of the week: Florida State University. 


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Tap Workshop for Epilepsy: Saturday, December 20 from 5-7pm at Center Stage Dance Studio in Akron. Funds raised support the needs of Emma Christie, an eleven-year old dancer diagnosed with epilepsy at age six. Teachers include Jeffrey Christie and John Manzari. $30 for one class/$40 for two classes. Register.

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Abby Zbikowski and the New Utility.
Photo by Nick Fancher. 
DoublePlus Series at Gibney DanceProfessor Bebe Miller curated a split bill featuring OSU MFA alums Maree ReMalia and Abby Zbikowski. Shows take place December 17-21 at 7:30pm at Gibney. More information.

Transfigurations at the Wex closes on December 31: Before you head home for break, don't miss this unprecedented opportunity to see sixty masterworks of 20th century art, right next door to us! More information.

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NACHMO: 1st MFA Anna Massey invites you to participate in NACHMO's (National Choreography Month) annual challenge to create one dance piece within the 31 days of January. Anna will host an informational session on NACHMO on Monday, December 8 from 12:30-1pm in the Green Room. Contact Anna for more information.

WOSU seeks 2-4 students from the Department of Dance for a Downtown Abbey--inspired Roaring Twenties Speakeasy on January 3, 2015. This is a paid gig along with an invitation to attend the screening after the reception. Dancers will be stationed at the entrance to the event to greet guests and make them feel like they're entering a speakeasy. Contact Kate Manecke for more information.

2nd Annual Dance Shorts College Film Festival: Submissions for the 2015 festival at University of South Florida are now being accepted. Early bird deadline: January 2. More information.

DanceCamera West seeks submissions for its 14th Annual Film Festival, Catch! Deadline: January 16th. More information.

America's Got Talent auditions will take place in a variety of cities in 2015, including Chicago on January 24-25. More information.

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The Department of Dance is very fortunate to offer its dancers injury prevention and care strategies through the Program for Performing Arts Medicine. This week, physical Therapist Mariah Nierman shares exercises to strengthen your hips:

As a dancer, you ask your hips to do a lot of anatomically unnatural movements. This can lead to a hypermobile hip, a joint that has excessive looseness. Once a joint is hypermobile whether you were born that way or your body has undergone a training effect causing the hypermobility there is no way to “tighten back up the joint”. However by strengthening the support & stabilizing muscles you can gain control over the excessive mobility without losing any range of motion. This is important to reduce wear and tear (i.e. injury) to the hip, which is especially important in dancers that experience a high frequency of early onset osteoarthritis in the hip and labral cartilage tears. Below are some hip strengthening exercises important for the dancer’s hip.

Clamshell/Hip Rotator Strength: Lying with hips and knees bent to 45 degrees think of using deep rotator muscles in buttock to lift knee toward ceiling keeping thigh muscles relaxed. Be sure pelvis does not roll backward and do not arch back. Do 3 sets of 10.


Reverse Clamshell: Lying with hips and knees bent to 45 degrees, keep your knees together and rotate your foot forward keeping your hamstring relaxed.  Be sure to not roll your pelvis forward. Do 3 sets of 10.

Reverse clamshell

Hip Abduction Strength: Lie on side with bottom leg bent and top leg straight and slightly back toward arabesque as the spine remains neutral. Lift leg toward ceiling, keeping knee straight and leg slightly behind you without hips rolling backward. Do 3 sets of 10.

Hip Abduction Strength

Hip Extension Timing: Lie on stomach with one knee bent with a relaxed hamstring. Keep hips flat and spine neutral as you lift thigh up 1-2 inches. Focus on 1st contracting at only the lower glutes, then the hamstring, then the low back muscles to lift leg with proper muscle timing. Use glutes more than hamstring. Do 3 sets of 10.

Hip Extension timing

Learn more about Performing Arts Medicine and schedule appointments here.


Daniel Diller is known around the Department (and possibly the world) for his sunny demeanor, positive attitude, and work ethic. He graduates this December from the Department of Dance, and following a visit home for the holidays, Daniel will return to Columbus to work as a freelance stage manager and lighting designer for local companies as well as the Department of Dance.

Congratulations, Daniel! 

Daniel dancing at Jacob's Pillow this summer.
Photo by Jamie Kraus. 

Senior Jasmine Stevens, who performs with the OSU Dance Team, danced last week at the OSU vs. _ichigan game, and Dr. Dixon's husband, Dr. Kevin L. Dixon, snapped this shot of Jasmine on the field.

Go Bucks! Go Jasmine!
Photo by Dr. Kevin L. Dixon


Check out sophomore Maddie Wallace's blog, featuring her thoughts on composition, analysis, and other coursework. 


Mary Hinkson in 2006.
Photo by Rose Eichenbaum.

"Every meaningful experience contributes to your becoming a more complete and versatile dancer--a total dancer. These opportunities to perform outside the Graham repertory and vocabulary of movement allowed me to experience my body in new and exciting ways. I consider myself very lucky and can say with confidence that I've had a very rich and fulfilled dance life."

--Mary Hinkson, 
by Rose Eichenbaum

Mary Hinkson, one of the first black dancers to join Martha Graham's company, died this week at the age of 89. Learn more about her life and career here


Have a wonderful break! See you in 2015. 

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