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Week 9 Announcements: October 20-24


PRE-SALE for Dance Downtown Tickets begins this week! The OSU Theatre Box Office will be in the Dance Office on Tuesday, October 21st and Thursday, October 23rd from 12-1pm. Faculty/staff/students may pick up comps and purchase additional tickets. Student tickets are $16.50, general public tickets are $21.50.

Mark your calendars: Aakash Odedra will teach a master class on Friday, October 24 in 390. Sign-up sheet will go up in the Green Room on Monday, October 20. Please note: Odedra's contemporary class, influenced by Kathak, is very physically demanding.

OSU Dance is hiring a new, tenure-track Assistant Professor with an emphasis in studio practice and composition and a three-year Visiting Assistant Professor, both for Autumn 2015.  Please spread the word and send on the job descriptions to your contacts.


Hayes Graduate Research Forum applications are open! Applications accepted until November 14 for the forum on February 20, 2015.

Job postings: Oberlin College; University of Washington; University of Buffalo; University of Southern California; Tufts University; Denison University; SUNY Brockport; Sonoma State University

Jacob's Pillow has a number of positions open.


The Barbara and Sheldon Pinchuk Arts-Community Outreach Grant is open for educational and outreach projects connecting the visual and performing arts at The Ohio State University with the Columbus community. Applications are due Monday, December 15. More information here.

The Pelotonia Fellowship Program provides one-year research fellowships to the best and brightest OSU undergraduate students who want to help cure cancer. Cancer is a complex disease and curing it will take a multidisciplinary effort. So, no matter what the field of study, from traditional scientific fields to fields like engineering, history and business, all OSU undergraduate students may apply. More information here.


The Department of Dance is very fortunate to offer its dancers injury prevention and care strategies through the Program for Performing Arts Medicine. This week, physical Therapist Mariah Nierman offers some tips for rolling out:

Myofascial release is different from stretching. Stretching acts to actually lengthen the muscle itself so that it can contract and relax through a larger arc of motion. Myofascial release “un-sticks” the different layers of fascia that wrap your muscles and form a fibrous network throughout your body; it does not actually “stretch” the muscle. When you perform myofascial release, the fascia that wraps the muscles is loosened and released so the muscles can slide and glide past each other and work efficiently to move your body so you can dance the combinations and choreography necessary and get more benefit from your stretching.

Here are three exercises PAM most frequently recommends for myofascial release:

IT Band: Lie on your side with the foam roller along the outer thigh. Use your arm and opposite leg to support your body weight. Roll gently up and down your outer thigh over the IT band for 2-3 minutes. Make sure you reach the entire length of the thigh.

Gastroc & Soleus: Place tennis ball under calf muscle. Use your arms and opposite leg to support your body weight and roll up and down over the tennis ball. Make sure you reach all parts of the muscle, top/bottom, in/out, but avoid the Achilles tendon. Perform for 2-3 minutes each leg.

Glutes & Rotators: Place body release ball or tennis ball under one side of your buttock, support your weight on your hands or elbows. Again, be sure to reach all parts of the muscle(s), top/bottom, side to side, rotate the leg on the side you are rolling out to find & feel the deep rotators moving under the ball’s pressure. Perform for 2-3 minutes each side.

For more information about PAM, please visit their website.


October 21, 5:30-7pm: Temple University is live streaming a monthly Dance Studies Colloquium lecture series this semester. Come join in attending this lecture together in the Media Lab (343) and get a sense for the field’s current scholars and their work. Up next: Alessandra Nicifero presents "Questioning/Choreographing: The Use of Interviews in Bill T. Jones’s and Rachid Ouramdane’s Performances."

October 21, 4:30-5:45: The Barnett Center hosts "Conversation with Jerry Lewis." The acclaimed comedian will discuss the business of being in the arts. Register here.

October 24, 10:20-12pm: Masterclass with Aakash Odedra in 390.

October 24, 7-9pm and October 25, 11-1pm: Master class with Antonio Brown at Verb Ballet in Cleveland. More information.

Ongoing: If you're in Chicago this fall, plan to take a master class at Hubbard Street as part of their Hubbard Street Studio Series.


Talija Serbian Folk Dance at the Capital University Mees Auditorium. October 21, 7-9pm. More information.

Akasha Odedra in "Rising." Photo by Chris Nash.
Rising by Aakash Odedra at the black box on Mershon Stage, October 23-26, 8pm. Tickets + information.

2nd Year Show features works by second-year MFA students. October 27, 7pm. The performance will be immediately followed by a talkback led by Dr. Veronica Dittman-Stanich. Space is limited: email to reserve tickets.

Site-specific performance by Rachel Barker on Wednesday, October  29th at 12:15 and 12:30pm. Dancers will perform a site-specific work choreographed by Third Year MFA candidate Rachel Barker under the white scaffolding structure at the Wexner building. Don't miss it! (Rain date: Friday, October 31st at 12:15 pm).


Call for Proposals: Second International Conference on Somatics-Based Dance Education from July 15-19, 2015 at Dean College. Proposals are due December 10. More information.

Hip-hop teacher needed on Monday nights from 5:30-8:30pm at a studio in Marysville. Classes are 45 minutes each and the pay is $15 per 45 minute class. Email Meg Benish for more information.

BeMoved Dance Instructor Training: Learn how to teach this dance fitness methodology during an instructors' workshop in Chicago on November 8-9. More information.

American Dance Festival Winter Intensive applications are now available! This year, you can choose to study for ten days in New York City or five days in Pasadena, California. Register before October 20 and the $20 application fee will be waived.

Diavolo Dance Company is holding auditions for male and female touring company members for the 2014-2015 season on December 13 in LA.

Call for Submissions: OhioDance's 2015 Spring Festival seeks submissions for the evening performance on April 25. Deadline is December 5. More information.


Professor Brown is being awarded the Emerging Artist Award by University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance Alumni Society Board of Governors. He will accept the award at a ceremony in Ann Arbor on October 31, and will conduct master classes on campus on the 30th. Congratulations!

A big thank you to all of the undergrads who helped out with undergrad auditions last weekend: Dana Schafer, Cailin Manning, Dani Kfoury, Amanda Stricko, Sheila Zeng, Chloe Napoletano, Asha Whitfield, Mary Chase Pierson, Tess Gilbert, Erin Evans, Caroline Haidet, Emily Gaffga, Shannon Drake, Daniel Diller, Charlotte Stickles, Lilly Kane, and demonstrators Tim Bendernagel, Mimi Lamantia, and Gabby Gomez.


Check out Victoria Alesi's e-portfolio this week! Her most recent post features her dance research in Barcelona, Spain.

Matt Bowman and Tess Gilbert dance "Perfectly Square"
choreographed by Victoria Alesi. 


"If a dancer dances--which is not the same as having theories about dancing or wishing to dance or trying to dance or remembering in his body someone else's dance--but if the dancer dances, everything is there...our ecstasy in dance comes from the possible gift of freedom, the exhilarating moment that this exposing of the bare energy can give us. What is meant is not license, but freedom..."
--Merce Cunningham, 1952

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