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Week 7 Announcements: October 6-10


Undergrads are invited to "Dancing (and Real Life) in a Big City" on Monday, October 6 from 12:30-2pm in the Green Room. Grad students will share their experiences dancing and making it all work after college. See below in "Undergrad News" for details!

Winter Concert + ACDA adjudication is Saturday, October 18th beginning at 9am. Three pieces will be selected for ACDA: two for the formal concert, and one for the informal concert. ACDA will be held at Ohio University in Athens, OH from February 28-March 2, 2015. Sign-up sheet is up in the Green Room.

Mark your calendars: Aakash Odedra will teach a master class on Friday, October 24. Stay tuned for details coming soon on the blog!

OSU Dance is hiring a new, tenure-track Assistant Professor with an emphasis in studio practice and composition for Autumn 2015. Please spread the word and send on the job description to your contacts.


Video viewing on October 6 at 6:15pm in Room 220: Gezeiten by Sasha Waltz.

Hayes Graduate Research Forum applications are open! Applications accepted until November 14 for the forum on February 20, 2015.

Job postings: Oberlin College seeks an Assistant Professor of Dance; Washington University in St. Louis seeks an Assistant Professor of Dance; University of Buffalo is hiring an Assistant Professor of Dance Studies; University of Southern California is looking for an Assistant Professor of Practice in Dance; Tufts University is hiring a full-time lecturer in dance.

Jacob's Pillow has a number of positions open.


"Dancing (and Real Life) in a Big City" will take place on Monday, October 6th from 12:30-2pm in the Green Room. Grad students will share their experiences post-college, and answer questions like "How do I make money?" "Where should I live?" "How do I find dancers and studio space?" etc. After the conversation, undergrads will have the opportunity to match up with grad mentors who share their interests. Mentorship categories include: Performance, Choreography, Teaching, Dance in the Community, Dance and Technology, and more! Email Tammy (conversation) or Brandon (mentorship) with questions.

Undergraduate Auditions are Friday, October 10 - Saturday, October 11. Volunteers are needed to help with tours, check-in, etc. Please email Noelle Bohaty to sign up.


RECESS is a day of relaxation and play on the South Oval on October 9 from 11-3pm. Organized by Counseling and Consultation Services, RECESS celebrates National Mental Health Awareness Week. This event will educate our campus community about mental health and wellness through a variety of playful activities across the South Oval. Come out and play, relax, and have fun!


The Barbara and Sheldon Pinchuk Arts-Community Outreach Grant is open for educational and outreach projects connecting the visual and performing arts at The Ohio State University with the Columbus community. Applications are due Monday, December 15. More information here.

The Pelotonia Fellowship Program provides one-year research fellowships to the best and brightest OSU undergraduate students who want to help cure cancer. Cancer is a complex disease and curing it will take a multidisciplinary effort. So, no matter what the field of study, from traditional scientific fields to fields like engineering, history and business, all OSU undergraduate students may apply. More information here.


October 12, 3-5pm: Columbus Contact Improv Jam in Sullivant 370. Continues most Sundays through the fall. Visit the Facebook page, or contact Shannon Drake for details.

October 7th, 5:30-7pm: Temple University is live streaming a monthly Dance Studies Colloquium lecture series this semester. Come join in attending this lecture together in the Media Lab (343) and get a sense for the field’s current scholars and their work. Up next: Jens Giersdorf presents Modernism Revisited. 

October 21, 4:30-5:45: The Barnett Center hosts "Conversation with Jerry Lewis." The acclaimed comedian will discuss the business of being in the arts.

October 24, 10:20-12pm: Masterclass with Aakash Odedra.


October 3, 5-6pm in Room 225: Susan Hadley will be showing Across the Field, her collaboration with dancers from OSU and BalletMet, performing with the OSU Marching Band. She will talk about the artistic challenges of creating and premiering this work for 57 performers, which addresses OSU traditions and values as a microcosm of our national identity.
Aakash Odedra by Lewis Major.

October 11 at 8pm: Landfall by Laurie Anderson and the Kronos Quarter at the Mershon Auditorium. Tickets + information.

October 23-26: Rising by Aakash Odedra at the black box on Mershon Stage. Tickets + information. Pre-sale tickets on sale for Department of Dance students: must purchase by October 10.


Diavolo Dance Company is holding auditions for male and female touring company members for the 2014-2015 season on December 13 in LA.

Auditions for A Chorus Line at Short North Stage will take place at the Garden Theater on Saturday, October 18 from 10-3pm, with dancer call backs at 4pm. Performances: April 2015. For more information and to schedule an audition appointment, email Company Manager Deb Colvin-Tener.

Franklin Preparatory Academy seeks a dance teacher for its elective courses, which meet Tuesday-Thursday from 1:55-3:10pm. $25 per class. Contact school founder Martin Griffith for information.

Leap of Faith Dance Studio is seeking instructors in advanced ballet/pointe, beginning ballet, as well a part-time sales associate. Please contact Crystal Boyce by email or phone (614-486-1533) for more information.

Call for Submissions: OhioDance's 2015 Spring Festival seeks submissions for the evening performance on April 25. Deadline is December 5. More information.


The Los Angeles Experience is an exciting travel and learning experience designed for undergraduate and graduate students with career aspirations in Film and Animation, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, and the Business of the Arts.  Sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences, the program will connect current students with valuable alumni who have careers in TV, film, and the arts through a six-day experience in Los Angeles, California. Applications are due October 30th.

Department of Theater auditions for Spring 2015 performances will be held October 9-10 in Drake. More information.

Visual Design survey: Visual design major and dance minor Jessica McManus is developing a project to examine how visual design can communicate choreographic concepts. Please complete her "Survey for Dancers" to help her gather data for her research.


After some clever stalling by third year MFA Ani Javian that involved a group of graduate students singing "Happy Birthday" to Susan Hadley right before her Choreography Workshop class, Dean Shanda arrived to the Barnett Theatre to present a very surprised Susan with the Ratner Award. Susan is one of five faculty members selected for this prestigious award in its inaugural year.

Dean Shanda congratulates Susan in the Barnett Theater

The Ratner Awards recognize faculty for developing new courses, original materials, and/or innovative methods and venues for delivery, as well as for making a difference in students’ educations, lives, and careers. Candidates are chosen for creative teaching and for exemplary records of engaging, motivating, and inspiring students.  Each Ratner Award helps to fund future innovation and student impact in the form of curricular development, teaching, or service-learning projects.

Congratulations, Susan! 


Check out Cailin Manning's blog, which chronicles her travels, and her work in dance and visual art.


"I no longer create my works in adherence to a good/bad paradigm.  I have become very interested in seeing what the dances can become through a process of witnessing as opposed to employing choreographic technique of any sort.   I am not trying to make the dances good or to create a choreographic pronouncement of something I know.  It has become much more interesting for me to make work as a method for processing a constellation of ideas and to create a rigorous choreographic rendering of their particular coexistence."
--Tere O'Connor, from his blog post "Unviable Structures" 

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