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Week 3 Announcements: September 8-12


Semester Funding Initiative (SFI) 
Applications will be available soon! Due date: September 19. 

2nd Year MFAs: One-page project proposals are due September 15.

Fall Undergraduate Research Week is September 15-19! Learn more here, and read about funding opportunities here.

Sullivant Opening Updates: There are still opportunities to get involved with Sullivant's Travels on September 20. Email Mara Penrose if you are interested in being an usher for the performances. You will be paid in pizza and a t-shirt! 

Email Dori if you'd like to volunteer during the alumni events on September 20-21. This is a great opportunity to learn about event coordination and meet our illustrious alumni. 


Pilates: There are three spots left in the Pilates Reformer class on Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:45-2:40. Email Amy today by 5pm to get enrolled. 

Interdisciplinary Design/Build Course: Use participatory design methods to work with teens to renovate 1251 Bryden House Road. Open to grads and undergrads as an independent study for 1-3 credits. Email Professor Melsop for more information. 


August 25-October 3: Tracers Takes Over at Hopkins Hall Gallery. 

September 6-October 4: Art in the Shadows at Urban Arts Space. 

September 17: Jingle composer Martin O'Donnell speaks at Weigel Hall Auditorium.

September 19 at 10am: Dr. Jane Chu, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts presented in conjunction with the Barnett Symposium. More information coming soon.

September 26, 10:20-12pm: GAGA Masterclass with James Graham. Details coming soon. 

October 24, 10:20-12pm: Masterclass with Aakash Odedra, Wexner Center Guest Artist. Details coming soon. 

Ongoing: Pre-Med Q & A sessions and lots of opportunities to go contra dancing!


American Dance Festival Winter Intensive applications are now available! This year, you can choose to study for ten days in New York City or five days in Pasadena, California.

Want to make a little extra cash? The Art Department is seeking dancers to be models for figure drawing classes. Two or three people at a time modeling for 3 hour class is ideal. Please contact Marthe Grohman to get signed up, scheduled and paid.

Nuit Blanche Athens is seeking individuals and groups to perform, teach, and participate in this annual, all-night festival. Learn more and apply here. Applications are due by September 10.

Buck-I-SERV: Applications are due September 14 for 2015's Buck-I-SERV. Undergrads, grads, faculty and staff are invited to apply to serve, lead, or advise trips. More information available here.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity: Dr. David Ewoldsen and Katie Dale are seeking African American male research volunteers for a video game study. Academic credit is possible. Email Katie Dale by September 15 to get involved.

Volunteers needed for the Undergraduate Research Poster Forum on September 19. Email Helen Cweren for more information.

International exchange opportunity for SP 15: Apply to attend Taipei National University of the Arts as an international exchange student this spring! The application is due October 31. More information can be found here. You can also contact 2nd Year PhD Joda Lee, who attended TNUA, if you'd like to know more about the school.

International Association of Blacks in Dance: The 27th Annual IABD Conference will be held in Cleveland from January 21-25, 2015. Early bird registration ends October 31. Learn more about the conference here.


CCS provides comprehensive services to OSU students. Visit their website or call 614-292-5766 to learn more about individual and group therapy, workshops, and outreach.

The Department of Dance is very fortunate to offer its dancers injury prevention and care strategies through the Program for Performing Arts Medicine. This week, physical Therapist Mariah Nierman offers some tips for foot care. 

Foot Fitness
Our feet endure a lot to accomplish the beautiful flights of fancy that are unique to dance. But do dancers do as much for their feet as their feet do for them? Each dance form has its own challenges for the foot and ankle. Dancers' feet need to be stronger, more agile and nimble than the average athlete. Especially when dancers are barefoot, the dexterity and strength of each individual toe is important. When the toes are strong they can help the dancer stay on their releve during multiple pirouettes or help the dancer stay stable when moving from one direction to another. Here are a few strategies that can help your feet:

Doming: Sit with the feet flat and legs in parallel. Keeping the toes long and toe nails visible, try to bend at the knuckles and lift the toes up into a dome.

Spreading: Sit with foot flat and legs in parallel. Keeping heel and ball of foot on the floor, spread all five toes apart as if you are making your foot wider.

These exercises will help strengthen the muscles within the foot. Do 3 x 10 of these 5 times a week.

Visit the Program for Performing Arts Medicine's website to learn more and schedule appointments.


The Writing Center offers one-on-one help with writing at any stage in the process, from brainstorming to thesis development to final revisions. Visit their website to learn more and schedule appointments.

The University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT) hosts weekly workshops on teaching strategies, tools, and job preparation skills. Learn more here, and like them on Facebook to stay up-to-date with all of their events.


Congratulations to Dr. Veronica Dittman-Stanich, who earned her PhD in Dance this spring, and is now teaching in the Department.

Dr. Dittman-Stanich and Dr. Feck

Department of Dance alums Tyisha Nedd (BFA '14) and Theresa Niermeyer (BFA '14) will be recognized at the First Annual Civic Engagement Banquet for their commitment to OSU's mission "Education for Citizenship."

  • Tyisha will receive the Maya Angelou Award for leading a year-long dance program for incarcerated women. 
  • Theresa will be honored with the Marian Wright Edelman Award for her work in dance, ethnography, and education. 
Congratulations, Tyisha and Theresa! 

Tyisha and Theresa in South Africa 

"Dance can be an educational tool used to enlighten students, teachers, or anyone with a body, about the diverse forms of expression, beliefs and values among the world’s nations."

--Theresa Niermeyer

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