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Week 16 Announcements: November 30-December 6, 2012

Upcoming: Adjudication tomorrow in Pomerene, DOUBLE/TAKE at OWU, Informance Monday, Choreo Lab Class Showing, DNA event featuring alums in NYC, Course Descriptions, Professional Opportunities, Uptown Documentation, Renovation News, Kudos and more!

         SPECIAL EVENTS       

Adjudication is TOMORROW, Saturday, December 1, 2012. 1-4pm in POM 316. This includes Spring Festival (works in Pomerene, Site Specific, EMMA) as well as ACDFA and Movement Research. More information at the OSUdance internal calendar.

DOUBLE/TAKE. Saturday, December 1, 2012 at 8pm at the Chappelear Drama Center, Ohio Wesleyan University (45 Rowland Avenue, Delaware, OH).  DOUBLE/TAKE is a performance presented as of Ohio Wesleyan University's Performing Arts Series, featuring Karl Rogers and Meghan Durham Wall. DOUBLE/TAKE is an ongoing creative endeavor involving commissioned duets from a range of internationally recognized artists, as well as original solo work by the performers. The current performance of DOUBLE/TAKE features three commissioned works from internationally recognized artists, including three original duets – one each by Stephen Koester (UT), Mariko Yamada (Japan/NY), and Lisa Race (CT/NY). Two solo works, one choreographed and performed each by Meghan Durham Wall and Karl Rogers, will complete the evening. The performance also features original music and live performance by composers Michael Wall and Adam Crowley as well as lighting design by Carrie Cox. The larger project includes duet commissions from Susan Hadley (OH) and Bebe Miller (OH/NY), which premiered at the BalletMet Performance Space in 2010.

Department Informance: Monday, December 3, 2012. 12:30-2pm in POM 316. All dance minors, majors, graduate students, staff, and lecturers are invited to participate. Be in touch with a student representative you are interested in showing work, or sign up on the list in POM 316.  Please limit your showings to 10 minutes for a class or 5 minutes for a single person. On the day of the In-formance feel free to bring a bagged lunch to go with the desserts that will be served!  We all look forward to seeing some of the many projects developed over the semester, so SIGN UP! SIGN UP! SIGN UP!

Showing: Monday, December 3, 2012. 6:30-8pm in DRAKE STUDIO. The Choreography Studio Lab Class 6200 would like to invite you to a showing by Crystal Fuller, Erin Carlisle-Norton, Katie Aylward, Miwha Koo, and Bekah Edie. These students will present work that they have been developing over the semester as well as speak on their processes. You will be invited to give feedback as many of these works are developments of MFA and senior projects.

DNA presents SPLICEWorld Premiere of Beautiful Weather for an Air RaidNovember 30 through December 8, 2012 in NYC. Choreography by OSUdance alum Kendra Portier, alongside artists Elke Luyten and Kira Alker. OSUdance alums Sydnie Liggett, Kiki Williams, Ashlee Willaman and Katie Stehura are also involved with the show!

Coming up: Like me more like me by Thomas Hauert & Scott Heron. Sunday,  January 13, 2013 - 3-4pm at EMMA Lab at ACCAD. Limited seating. Event is free, but seating is limited and sign-up is required. See event entry for more details on this event and to RSVP!

         COURSE PLANNING        

New Graduate Course in Theater: 7899.01 (10732): The Moods & Modes of Storytelling in Plays, Screenplays, and Novels - Reader and Audience Response Theories. TR 3-5pm. 2-4 credits.  This course focuses on reader response theories and audience response theories to explain the moods and modes of storytelling. The students will analyze a few select plays and screenplays, exploring the response strategies that canonical readers and unorthodox readers learn to use, reuse, misuse, or abuse when they tackle stories in the form of plays, screenplays, or novels.

The Glenn School of Public Affairs offers several classes in Spring that may be of interest to students pursuing non-profit or arts careers, including Grant Writing, Fundraising and Philanthropy, Civic Engagement and more.

Below are the course descriptions for the Contemporary classes this Spring:

Veronica Dittman-Stanich: Within the tradition of ballet, this class emphasizes increased kinesthetic and spatial awareness, intellectual assertiveness toward dance combinations, heightened attentiveness to musical influence, and a full-bodied approach to dancing with appropriate attention paid to dynamic arms and upper body.

Erik Speth: This class blends athleticism with western concert contemporary dance aesthetics. Through rigorous encounters with momentum, it investigates gravity, inversion, release, spinal articulation and spirals of the body in order to encourage velocity during fall and recovery in to the ground.

Esther Baker-Tarpaga: Students will work to build contemporary dance skills including: spinal undulations, spirals, and percussive polyrhythms, integrated strength building and aerobic conditioning, transferring weight in and out of the floor and through space, rhythmic musicality, and embodied and empowered physical choice making within a community. This hybrid movement practice class draws from West African contemporary forms from Senegal and Burkina Faso, post-modern release, and improvisation techniques.

Abby Zbikowski: This technique course offers a fusion of contemporary modes of movement with an emphasis on African Diasporic dance forms, such as House and current contemporary African dance techniques. Exercises primarily focus on leg strength and core integration in order to facilitate the body’s ever evolving relationship to the floor (clear and nuanced shifts of weight), as well increased spinal and joint articulations to expand range of motion and increase the directional clarity of the body in space.

Meghan Durham-Wall: This class deconstructs vertical and dynamic alignment through kinesiologically sound methods that reference movement from classical, modern and postmodern forms. Combinations of movement are designed to investigate alignment, flow, weight and momentum. The content resonates at a level appropriate for advanced dance majors, promoting an increase in complexity and length of material, with an emphasis on enhancing both technical and performance skills.


Workshops and Education
Jacob’s Pillow now has a new section, Commercial Dance. Directed by Jeffrey Page, this intensive may be of interest those students who want to explore the world commercial dance. More information.

Workshop: Laban Movement and Interaction DesignDecember 6, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio

University Career Development Resources for Grad Students

Auditions, Competitions & Calls for Entry
Call for Submissions: Journal for Emerging Dance Scholarship. Manuscripts should contribute innovative scholarship into contemporary or historical dance, research methodologies, critical choreographic analysis, ethnographic studies, pedagogical practices, or other topics opening insights into the field of dance. Research should be original and supported by outside resources. Deadline December 17, 2012.

Call for Submissions: Shifting Boundaring/Crossing Cultures – The Politics, Process, and Performance of Collaboration. Deadline: January 15, 2013

Higher Education Positions
Adjunct Instructors, Long Island University Post
Assistant Professor - Entertainment and Arts Management, Drexel University
Assistant Professor - Interdisciplinary Studies/Practices, Concordia University
Assistant Professor, Oakland University
Assistant Professor, University of California - Riverside

Administrative/Professional Positions
Operations Manager, Movement Research
Company Manager, ARCOS Dance

Internships and Service
Volunteer Internship, Isabelle Ridgeway Center, East Side Buckeye Initiative

Grants, Awards and Funding
Columbus Dance Theater, in partnership with the Greater Columbus Arts Council, announces the third annual Columbus Dance Fellowship. The fellowship awards are designed to support local choreographers in their efforts to create new dance in the Columbus community. $2,000 Fellowships will be awarded to five (5) choreographers whose work will be presented as an extension of Columbus Dance Theatre’s annual community dance concert, Columbus Dances. Application deadline December 31, 2012, with an adjudication on January 13, 2013.

          RENOVATION NEWS        

More new photos of the ongoing roof renovation and future performance space at the Sullivant Hall Renovation Blog.


Dance Uptown footage will be available on the lab hard drive sometime next week. Be sure to collect your materials before you graduate! In the meantime, high res photos of the Dress Rehearsal and the earlier Pomerene showing are available for download. Also, please remember to return all cameras and equipment this coming week! Questions? See Melissa.

          KUDOS & SHOUT-OUTS         

The new film Contact by Mitchell Rose was screened and won an award at the Columbus International Film & Video Festival on November 17, 2012. This is Rose’s 58th festival award. Additionally, Rose received an Individual Artist Fellowship in Media from the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Congrats Mitchell!

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