Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 8 Announcements: November 14-18, 2011

performances & special events
This Weekend! Space\People\Dancing\Objects. With choreography by 3rd year MFA students Erik Abbott-Main, Amanda Byars, and Alexis del Sol, Friday and Saturday, November 18-19, 2011; 8pm at Northland Performing Arts Center. 4411 Tamarack Blvd, Columbus 43229 (near Morse & Karl roads). $10 tickets available at the door. RSVP on Facebook.

course planning & information
West African Dance with Olivier Tarpaga: Mandiani. MW 7-8:30pm. DANCE 601.08. 2CR. This course will introduce students to Mandiani, also called "the fast dance for the young girl," a highly energetic and strong movement dance from Burkina Faso Guinea and Mali, West Africa. This course will build muscular strength, speed, movement quality and momentum throughout traditional solo exercises. Students will learn movements, rhythms, and several African language greetings. Through discussions of culture, music and movement traditions, students will understand the integrity of dance in the daily life in West Africa. The live drumming will represent a crucial part in this course because of the communication between dance and music in traditional society Two drumming classes will be taught during this quarter by a guest master drummer from West Africa. Also, plan ahead for Markadon  (a popular graceful celebration dance) being offered in Spring!

Arts & Cultural Organizations: Resource Management and Revenue Streams. Learn important skills in Financial Controls and Budgeting; Marketing Messages and Media; the Development of Private and Public funding. Winter 2012 Art Ed 595 (UG) #25595 Art Ed 795 (G) #6305 

Semiotics and Feminist Aesthetics with Dr. Debbie Smith-Shank. Deconstruct and construct material culture relating to girls and women; critically view, discuss, and write semiotic analyses of images; decipher social implications of material culture related to girls and women. Winter 2012 Art Education 795 #4007 Mondays 4:30-7:18pm

dance intensives
Kathleen Hermesdorff: NEW FRESH NOW New Year's Intensive(s) December 27-31, 2011 and January 2-6, 2012. 5-10 days of serious studio work New Year's Eve performance/party and January 6 showing/closing.  An immersive intensive for serious dance practitioners focused on the physical and performative experience. Engage in contemporary dance techniques and concepts, improvisational forms, creative processes, performance practices and opportunities for discourse and exchange with leadership by some of San Francisco's finest. Start the new year with activation and integration of body, both personal and public, as well as refreshing and refining of passion, discipline, stamina and level of inquiry. KUNST-STOFF, San Francisco CA 94102. $400/week $750/both weeks. Limit 25 participants per week. Register by email.

jobs, auditions & conferences

An Assistant Professor Position at West Chester University has been posted to the Professional Resources page. Check back for additions.

Call for papers for 2012 OSU Hiphop Literacies: The Globalization of Black Popular Culture ConferenceMay 9-11, 2012. Abstracts of 300 words for 20 minute paper presentations, 45 minute round table discussion on targeted issues or topics dealing with globalization and black culture are welcome as well as other formats. Regional and local talent is needed to perform on the bill with a national artist (TBA) on the final night of the conference. Abstracts are due Monday, January 16, 2011More info.

Call for Papers: Journal for the Anthropological Study of Human Movement. Special Issue on ‘World Dance’ While certainly not a new phenomenon, the extent to which genres of movement practice and performance have come under the influence of outside ideas has increased markedly due to contemporary forms of travel and electronic modes of communication. The emergence of new hybrid forms, employment of new contexts and spaces, and the influences that occur between cultural forms of expression – both historical and contemporary – have increased exponentially as a result. This dynamic raises important questions regarding issues of ownership, appropriation and authenticity. We may well ask if the concept of ‘World Dance’ provides a supportive umbrella for internally driven change, or does this elusive concept co-opt and erase such diversity in what may be a neo-colonial enterprise? And who gets to decide? Please send a title and 200 word abstract. Deadline for abstract submission is January 15, 2012. More info.

Get away for a week at camp! July 9-13, 2012.Twenty-five adult campers with cognitive disabilities spend four days together participating in Bible learning, art, swimming, bowling, hiking, dancing, talent shows, and more. Interested students may contact Alyson Bachman, watch this informative video or visit the website to learn more. 

travel & housing
The Office of International Affairs has launched a new, online search engine that enables students to search through more than 100 programs to find a study abroad program that best meets their academic goals. This launch aligns with International Education Week, a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education. Ohio State joins thousands of other institutions worldwide participating in events that bring an international perspective to college campuses.

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