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Week 10 Announcements: November 22-December 2, 2011

Featured image: Alexis del Sol in Space/People/Dancing/Objects.

administrative notes
Adjudication for UNPLUGGED.
Saturday, December 3, 2011 starting at 1pm in Pom 316 we will adjudicate for UNPLUGGED, this year’s Winter Concert. The performances will be March 2-3, 2012 at 8pm. All dancers and choreographers must be available for lighting/technical rehearsals the week of the performances. Details will be fleshed out and discussed in 750.
• In order to adjudicate, dances may not be longer than 8 minutes.
• All choreographers in the concert should register for 750 under Susan Petry for 2 credit hours. The class meets every Friday from 4:30-6 in 316. Hopefully all of the dancers involved will be available to attend a few of those sessions.
• We are hoping that the concert will be performed with 316 set up either in the round or as a thrust stage. These parameters will be discussed thoroughly in 750.
• The sign-up sheet will be posted in 316 at 8am on Tuesday, November 27, 2011 and come down at 10am on Thursday, December 1. Please fill in the requested information as completely as possible.
• All dancers and choreographers need to be in 316 at 1pm for clarification of the process.
• Susan Petry will ‘run’ the adjudication with Meghan, Karen, Melanye and Carrie watching.
Have a great time with it all... MKB

performance opportunities
Department Informance
We are into our last week of the quarter! This is a reminder that this Friday, December 210:30am-12pm in Pomerene 316 is our Department Informance (this is not the same as the elective class Informance).

As a reminder, this is an opportunity for classes, groups, or individuals to share with the whole Department work that has been developed this quarter. This has most frequently included choreographic works-in-progress, comp studies, performance improvisations, and material developed as part of a specific project or course, but we are always excited to see the range of work that we do here in this department--and in the field--represented, including research presentations, dance for camera, restagings from score, etc.

The sign up sheet for the Informance is hanging on the bulletin board in Pomerene 316. Please sign up if you're interested in sharing work! Please list… 
1. Name of the class/piece/presentation
2. The name of the point person for the work
3. The length of work (individual's work keep to 5 minutes, class work keep to 10 minutes, exceptions can be requested)
4. Any needs (including technology, placement in the sequence of the show, etc.).  

If you are a class sharing work, remember that this is a sampling of work and should not be a comprehensive showing of final projects (but feel free to invite people to final showings in your classes). The sign up sheet will come down Thursday afternoon at 5pm in order to create a sequence for the show. So make sure you sign up before then! We look forward to sharing this time together as a Department here at the end of the quarter/year!

Undergraduate Research Office info sessions
Students can learn how to develop a research topic, find and secure a research mentor, and explore the resources available to help make research a part of their undergraduate education during two information sessions: Tuesday, November 29; 11:30am-12:18pm in 241 Scott Lab or Wednesday, November 30; 1:30-2:18pm in 048 Derby Hall. Contact for more info.

heath & wellness
The Performing Arts Medicine (PAM) team would like to remind everyone of our services, hours, and encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns. We understand the reduced hours that are now available to you on campus may make it more difficult to get in to see us. Please utilize these hours, however we will work with you on an individual basis to see you in our downtown clinic as needed.

Tips to remember:
Treatment for common complaint of sore calves/shins:
After class stretch calf with both a straight knee and a bent knee holding each for at least 30 seconds, roll out calves and bottom of foot (see Dance Wellness webpage “resources” for ball release technique video), wear athletic tennis shoes as much as possible, ice for 15 minutes after class or end of day. If pain becomes localized to one spot seek out medical attention.

Acute injury treatment:
P – protect injured area from further harm
R – rest
I – ice for 15-20 minutes
C – compression, wrap tight below site of injury and candy cane stripe up getting progressively looser to above the site of injury
E – elevation, elevate injury site above the level of the heart

Visit Dance Wellness clinic webpage for more resources.

jobs, auditions & conferences
Assistant Professor positions available at Elon University, Butler University and The Florida State University. Plus Ajkun Ballet Theatre announces 2012 Open Audition Tour for company positions. More information can be found on the Professional Resources Page.

dance intensives
Florence Summer Dance summer study programs have been added to the Dance Intensives page. Download flyer here.

master classes & residences
Free Workshop: L’art du Djembé
Monday & Wednesday November 28 & 30, 2011. 6:30-8:30pm in Drake 1036. A special two day intensive traditional Djembé drumming workshop with master drummer Olivier Tarpaga from Burkina Faso (West Africa). Founder and artistic director of internationally acclaimed Dafra Drum and Dafra Kura Band since 1995, Mr Tarpaga is also a choreographer and lecturer at the Department of Dance. FREE and OPEN to all OSU students with or without drumming experience! Please bring a Djembé drum or any drum. Limited Djembés and dun duns will be provided by instructor.

news in dance
You are invited to join OhioDance for a special limited time only discounted rate. This exciting offer reflects the OhioDance Board of Trustees willful drive to make dance happen in our communities and vocalize the importance of dance to our Ohio legislators!  Our dedicated Board of Trustees is committed to invigorating the vitality of a statewide voice for dance to keep dancers fearlessly moving into the 21st
Century, but we need your help!  Your membership is the key to our success, so we’ve made it possible for you to join at this reduced rate from November 15-December 15, 2011. Student Member NOW $10 (regularly ($25). More information on the OhioDance membership page.

Dance on Camera
DFA and the Film Society of Lincoln Center Announce the 40th Edition of Dance on Camera. January 27-31, 2012. Tickets go on sale Thursday, January 5, 2012. More info on the Dance Films Association website.

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