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Week 11 Announcements: March 14-18, 2011

Featured image: Kristen Jeppsen Groves performs a work in progress at last Friday's Informance. Check back for more information on her concert with Teoma Naccarato and Maree ReMalia on April 14-16, 2011.

performances & special events
On Tuesday March 29, 2011, 12:30-1:30pm, our quarterly departmental gathering will be held in one of our future spaces, Pomerene Gymnasium (306). Please come over and join us for updates on spring quarter plans and beyond. Then join in for a walkabout tour of our future spaces and pathways. For anyone who cannot come, let Petry know, as an alternative “tour” time can be set up later in the quarter.

master classes & residences
Open Master Class with Baba Chuck Davis & The African American Dance Ensemble, Thursday, March 17, 2011; 10am. Dance students are invited to an open sharing of the SeneGambia, West African music and dance traditions. Registration is required and can be arranged by calling (614) 645.0643 or by email ( $15 per person, $10 per person for groups of 10 or more. For more information, visit the King Arts Complex online.

jobs, auditions & conferences
Follow-Up to January’s Jewish Dance Conference
FESTIVAL 60, April 1-3, 2011, New York City. Featuring “Daniyada” at the 92nd Street Y. With performances by Pioneering Legends of Israeli Folk Dance, Dani Dassa and Danny Uziel and master teacher of the next generation, Danny Pollock. For more information, visit the festival web page online.

Call for Proposals: Dance Preservation Fund
The Dance Preservation Fund has been established to further the recording of dance through awards to emeritus and current faculty and students; graduates of the department, visiting artists, researchers, and notators who are in residence in the Department of Dance would also be eligible for funding. Approximately $15,000 will be available annually. Application should be made by April 11, 2011. Application review will be made by the Dance Notation Bureau Extension Committee with one invited faculty member. Notification of results will be made within three weeks.

Summer Research Funding Awards
The Undergraduate Research Office, International Affairs, Honors & Scholars, Natural & Mathematical Sciences, and Psychology are offering a joint application for full time summer research funding (40 hours/week). Each award is $3,500, and students may be conducting research or creative work in any field. Applications are due Friday, March 18, 2011. Read more about summer fellowships here.

kudos & shout-outs
Merde! to the OSU Dance Undergrads Mike Abbatiello, AJ Blankenship, Loganne Bond, Quentin Burley, Megan Haugen, and Chafin Seymour in presenting/performing this week at the American College Dance Festival.

news in dance
The Dance Films Association announces new, expanded programs and exclusive offerings available only to DFA members. For more information, visit the DFA membership page. Members are encouraged to apply for funding to complete their dance film projects by June 1, 2011. DFA is also gearing up for an expanded Dance Film Lab in mid April.

dance intensives
Opportunities at NYU and Bill Evans Dance for this summer have been posted on our seasonal dance intensives and festivals page. Check back for additions.

Dance New Amsterdam is offering a Special Class Rate for all those students planning a trip to New York City. Come experience DNA's roster of Modern Guest Artists, selected from today's celebrated dance masters: artistic directors, choreographers, and master teachers from current voices in the modern dance world. Modern Guest Artists during that time include Stefanie Batten Bland, Ashley Browne, Mariah Maloney, BJ Sullivan, Nathan Trice, Nicole Smith, Jennifer Nugent, Barbara Mahler, Howard Katz, Asli Bulbul, Alexandra Beller, Donnell Oakley and Nicole Wolcott. Or choose to take any of DNA's open classes. Check our schedule on our website. Classes are only $14! Come with a valid student college ID. Offer valid March 13-April 9, 2011.

Welcome to the first installment of Renovation Update. The Department project team will use this new blog entry to keep everyone informed and updated on the future of Sullivant Hall and our plans for swing space for the next two years. As the project continues to develop we will keep you posted with exciting images, drawings and further information to keep everyone “in the know”. But first, here are the basics.

Sullivant Hall: What is happening to this building?

Sullivant Hall will undergo a major transformation. For this two-year project, all users must vacate the building in order for it to proceed on budget and on time. When the project is complete, and Sullivant reopens in the fall of 2013, the building will house the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library, the Department of Art Education, and the Department of Dance.

An additional program will join us in the future, but at this time no decision has been finalized. But exciting conversations are being held that will most likely result in a groundbreaking synergy of energy and talents under one roof. The Music and Dance Library will be relocated to a new and improved space in the Science and Engineering Library.

When the renovation is complete, the Cartoon Library will be housed in the basement of the building and parts of the first floor. This will include teaching, research, administrative and archival spaces as well as much needed exhibition spaces for their internationally recognized collection.

The Department of Art Ed will join us on the top floor of the building.

The Department of Dance will move all faculty and administrative offices to the top floor of the building. In addition we will gain three newly designed studios on the west end of the building and an exciting state of the art-flexible performance space in the center of the building. The roof will be opened up and raised, to create an amazing black box performance environment. Our studio spaces will increase to six studios plus the performance space, all under one roof!

The current theatre will become a permanent lecture hall for classroom pool, and the stage space itself will be redesigned into a new computer lab for the Department of Dance and an additional flexible classroom for Art Ed.

In addition, we will have a new and improved Pilates studio, costume shop, student lounge/green room, break room for ALL the building tenants, and new open office-work stations for graduate students.

Swing Space: What about the next two years?

Much careful planning, discussion, and thought is happening to ensure we maintain our current delivery of classes and nurture the creative and theoretical drive that is central to our mission.

All faculty, administrative staff and graduate students will be relocated to the 5th floor of Lincoln Tower.

All studio-based classes will take place in three studios in Pomerene Hall: two studios on the second floor and the gymnasium on the third floor. A fourth studio space is being designed in Drake Union that will look out onto the Olentangy River. The Theatre Department has also graciously given us two smaller spaces/classrooms and we will share one of their acting teaching spaces, which also has a sprung floor.

Seminar and lecture classes that cannot be accommodated in the swing spaces will be moved to spaces in the University Classroom pool.

We will be encouraging students to request dance studio usage for rehearsals in the Student Union and in RPAC, especially during the day when they are not used as much for student groups.

The schedule has been redesigned to give students 30 minutes between classes to give students ample travel time from space to space.

To prepare for the move, a thorough inventory has been conducted of all office spaces. Lincoln Tower has been carefully designed in terms of office arrangements and furniture placement.

A final walk through with the movers will occur sometime spring quarter and boxes will be delivered to begin the process of packing. We are planning a Department packing party the week after finals of spring quarter to finalize everything before people leave for the summer.

Where will we perform?

The Department has decided to make the next two years a creative laboratory for site specific work. Faculty and students will be encouraged to think outside of the box and create opportunities to perform at various locations around campus. See our wiki page for resources to get you going as you design courses (faculty) or develop project ideas (students).

We are also going to use the EMMA lab at ACCAD, and are working to provide some technical support for performances in the Pomerene gymnasium. Stay tuned for more in future posts.
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Featured image: Guest artist Sabela Grimes dancing with MFA student Jennifer Meckley at last Friday's Informance. See his work at Dance Uptown, May 26-27, 2011.


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