Friday, December 05, 2008

Week Twelve: December 8-14

Featured photo: OSUDance students perform Meghan Durham's "Guitar Heroes" at last week's Resident and Visiting Artists performance "Chocolate, Dance, & Conversation."


Telematic Technique Class

Ever thought to teach or take dance class via video correspondence? Now you can. Julie Cruse has been conducting experiments in an independent study on telematic dance in collaboration with Boris Willis at Middlebury College and Madeline Shrock from Ohio University.

On November 24, Julie Cruse and Laurie Atkins created a telematic technique class for dance students at Appalachian State University. Julie spent many hours figuring out what equipment was needed, troubleshooting when necessary, running the camera, and basically making this possible on the tech side here at OSU. Laurie taught a modern technique/improvisation class to a group of Modern III students at ASU. The students at ASU had the opportunity to telematically dance with three wonderful OSU student volunteers: grad: Ariadne Mikou, and freshmen: Alexandra Vetrano, and Theresa Elwell. The new and improved Studio 5 served as the perfect location. It was truly a collaborative effort between OSU alumni and current OSU graduate students. Boris Willis, currently at Middlebury College donated his time to test out Skype connections and movement possibilities. Emily Daughtridge, dance faculty at Appalachian State suggested this collaboration and "womaned" the tech side at ASU. Emily, Laurie, and Julie are thrilled with the successful experience and excited about the possibilities that this kind of collaborative telematic class could hold in the future.

Longing for some sustained artistic conversation? Register for Candace Feck’s Multidisciplinary Seminar for Artists next quarter. See attached flyer for details.

Call for works: Columbus Dances IX
A chance to present choreographic work in the local Columbus dance community. CM2 is now accepting applications. Adjudications are January 11, 2009. For an application and more information go here.

DanceBridge: Works in Progress by Peter Carpenter and Vershawn Sanders
Thursday, December 11, 6pm at the Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E Washington St. Chicago, IL 60602.

"My Fellow Americans" is a new work by choreographer Peter Carpenter which explores the shifting identity and legacy of Ronald Regan, in particular the discrepancy between his optimistic rhetoric and devastating silence in response to AIDS.

Vershawn Sanders presents "Dancin' the Skin I'm In," an examination of the black dancing body and its contradictory yet historical "attract/repel" relationship with America exemplified in concert dance.

Hedwig Dances presents a Contemporary Dance Workshop with Marianela Boan, December 15-19 at the Chicago Cultural Center. For more information, visit their website.

Check out the review of Chocolate, Dance, & Conversation in last week's Dispatch!


Attention all lab users!
The "scratch" partitions on all lab computers will be cleared on or after Friday, December 12th (12/19 for the Dept of Dance Lab). Any data stored on these partitions should be backed up or otherwise saved prior to that date or it will be permanently erased.

We will be accepting special requests for data archiving from faculty and instructors only. All students must backup their data on their own prior to the 12th. This notice is a courtesy. Official policy states that any data stored on the scratch disk on any computer is considered volatile and may be erased at any time without prior warning.

Please contact the Arts Technology Services office with any questions, comments, or concerns at 292-1059 or Official lab and computer use policies are online at under the heading "Policies and Rules."

Thank you,
William Strucke
Systems Manager
College of the Arts at The Ohio State University


Kudos to all the dancers, choreographers, crew, and volunteers working on the "Chocolate, Dance, and Conversation" program. There was a sense of a "company" working together - from dancers stepping up to help engage with the audience to the incredibly well prepared backstage crew (aka security) quietly and effectively doing the unsung invisible work. We had some record audiences for mid-week, end-of-quarter shows, and I thank all of you for all the networking you did to draw in new audience members. Beautiful dancing, fascinating choreography, inspired lighting, smart costuming... Oh yes, good chocolate too! I look forward to watching more of your work in the New Year.

Warmly, Susan VPP



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