Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Weekly Announcements: WEEK 5| October 15- October 21

Department Publicity Information Updates

Updated information on the department publicity process is available on the department website. This process is required for all department productions.

At any time, students can access the Resources / Current Student Information section link called the Department Publicity Packet Information to see the department’s publicity process and deadlines.


At the bottom of the webpage are 4 files available for download – the info that must be on all dept posters and programs, and 3 Word document templates for program layout.

UPDATED INFO: Updates to this publicity info include required wording for the student produced shows at the EMMA Lab at ACCAD. Special thanks to those involved with the EMMA Lab and student productions in Dance for coming together in early October to clarify the production process at EMMA and approved wording – Maria Palazzi, director of ACCAD; Norah Zuniga-Shaw and Matt Lewis, directors of EMMA; Susan Petry and Mike Bruce, chair and asst chair in Dance; and Jane Ledford-Adkins with Elaine Smith of ACCAD.

Call for Graduate Student Papers:

Second Annual Graduate Student Conference in Comparative Studies
Hosted by the Department of Comparative Studies
The Ohio State University Columbus, OH USA
January 17th and 18th, 2008

Visit the Comparative Studies department website for more details including specific information about content and formatting of 250-word abstracts for individual 20-minute papers (or panels of 3-4 presenters) to be emailed to AffectAndRepresentation@hotmail.com. The deadline for submissions is November 10th, 2007. Accepted applicants will be notified by November 30th.

Outreach Opportunity

Susan Chess and the St. Vincent Depaul Society are collecting blankets to help Columbus' homeless get through the winter.
Blankets of all sizes are needed. Used blankets are welcome if they are clean. Gloves, scarves, and socks are also needed. Susan will collect our donations and present them to the St. Vincent Depaul Society as a gift from the OSU Department of Dance. Contact Susan for more information: chess.1@osu.edu.

"Here's to a warm winter for everybody!" - Susan Chess

Nominate Your Best Professor

Who is your best professor?

Academic Affairs, the Alumni Association and the Office of
University Development want to recognize the best professors on campus, and they need your help in deciding who they are. They want to know who motivates you, inspires you, and makes you want to "Do Something Great" everyday. Need more info or have a professor in mind? Visit www.osu.edu/teachingaward.

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