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Weekly Announcements: WEEK 3 | April 9 - April 15

to the creators and dancers in last week's sophisticated array of performance delicacies. Oranges and popcorn and ice cream, oh my!

Check out the April 5 edition of _The Other Paper_ for "Creating Fireworks by Combining Dance and Technology," a feature article on the EMMA (Experimental Media and Movement Arts) Lab and the great collaborative work that is happening in the space under the tutelage of Norah Zuniga-Shaw.

Don't miss this opportunity to see a rare reconstruction of one of the most heralded pieces of dance history. A presentation and discussion of “Witch Dance,” a recreation of Mary Wigman’s “Witch Dance (1926)” by Bonnie Oda Homsey of the Los Angeles Dance Theatre, will be held Thursday, April 12 at 3pm in Sullivant Theatre.

“Witch Dance”
Based on choreography and costume by Mary Wigman (c. 1926)
Recreated by Bonnie Oda Homsey with first performance in 1996
Original score by Hanns Hasting Hexentanz from Frauentänze (1934),
Score realized by Alan Terricciano using the Gassman Electronic Music Studio, UC Irvine
Danced by Karen Mozingo, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Theatre
Performance mask recreated by Valerie Lucas, OSU Department of Theatre
As part of a joint notation project between Los Angeles Dance Theatre and
Department of Dance at Ohio State University in 2006.
Notated by Leslie Rotman.
Funded by the Dance Preservation Fund.

It's a double-header! Following the performance of "Witch Dance" on Thursday, April 12, Susan Manning will lecture on "Ausdruckstanz across the Atlantic." She will be presenting in Candace's Postmodernism class (4:30 in the conference room) and there will be a book signing afterward. Her two books are now coming out in paperback editions. They are: "Ecstasy and the Demon: Feminism and Nationalism in the Dances of Mary Wigman" and "Modern Dance, Negro Dance."

Susan Manning has pursued her research interests in dance studies by working through the more established fields of drama, theatre, and performance studies. A Professor of English, Theatre, and Performance Studies at Northwestern University, she teaches the history and theory of twentieth-century theatrical performance, including dance, drama, and music theatre. Her first book, Ecstasy and the Demon (1994 de la Torre Bueno Prize), traces the shift from modernist bodies to fascist bodies in the works of Mary Wigman, Germany's leading dancer between the two world wars; a second edition appeared in 2006. Her recent book, Modern Dance, Negro Dance: Race in Motion (2004), examines changing relations between modern dancers and African American concert dancers in mid-century New York City. Currently, Professor Manning serves as president of the Society of Dance History Scholars and as convener of the Chicago Seminar on Dance and Performance.

Susan is here in conjunction with a conference going on in the theatre department entitled "Disciplining Interdisciplinarity." The conference is Friday through Sunday and all are invited to attend.

The Disciplining Interdisciplinary website is up, active, and ready to take registrations (which are free to anyone interested). Go to:


8:45-10:15 Studio 1 Freshmen with Faculty
Arts advisors Carol, Dennis, and Lyn will be here to answer college questions.

10:30-11 Studio 1 Sophomores, Juniors (seniors)
Arts advisors Carol and Dennis will be here to answer questions.

10:30-11 Studio 2 Grad Pre-Reg

11-12 Studio 1 Sophomore Goals

to all involved in this weekend's production of :03 Minute Portions. Even with cold weather, the houses were full of enthusiastic audiences. Great efforts to all for connecting with the community!

Sections from the Vernon Reid Project will be performed this upcoming weekend at the Campus Music Hop at South Campus Gateway. An event that links activities between the Music Department's 30th Jazz Festival and live music at businesses up and down High St. We hope to reach the music crowd this weekend's event.

Vernon Reid Project - Part I
Nicole Stanton & Ming-Lung Yang
Friday, April 13th, Performances at 5:30 & 6:30 pm
Alley between Drexel Gateway and McFadden's

Vernon Reid Project - Part II
Kathleen Hermesdorf & Bebe Miller
Saturday, April 14th, Performances at 1:30 & 2:30 pm
in front of Barnes & Noble

Do you want to be more involved with outreach events? Then get involved with this week's Campus Music Hop at South Campus Gateway on April 13th and 14th. If you are energetic and like to talk to people, then what better thing to do with your time than energetically talk to people about dance and hand out flyers for them to see the awesome works that our department is producing. Between the Vernon Reid's electric music and OSU's dynamic dancers, everyone is guaranteed to enjoy the show and we need charismatic people to help inform passer-byers so they don't miss out on this incredible show!!!

For Campus Music Hop at South Campus Gateway, we need volunteers to pass out flyers on Friday, April 13th, from 4:50-7pm and Saturday, April 14th from 12:50-3pm.

Contact Meagan Grund at if you are interested in being apart of any of these great opportunities. Or just sign up on
the board outside of studio 1.

Don't forget! Our every own Bebe Miller, Susan Hadley and Bradley Sowash are featured on this month's ArtZine on UOSU. The show will be aired on the following dates and times if you want to catch it and I have included a blurb from WOSU's website about the segments.

Wednesday 4th 7:30pm
Saturday 7th 2:30pm
Monday 9th 10:30pm
Sunday 22nd Noon, 12:30am
Monday 23rd 10:30pm

A fundraising event for CM2 (Columbus Movement Movement) on Sun. April 22 from 6-8pm.

Rumba Cafe
2507 Summit
Columbus, OH 43202
Featuring Hoo Doo Soul Band
cas bar, food, funk and fancy feet
$15 pre-sale tix or at the door
for more info email:

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