Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Weekly Announcements: WEEK 8 | Feb 19-25

Notable News
Black History Month
Melanye White Dixon has been invited by the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Facility to present a program in honor of Black History Month on February 26th. She will be accompanied by five students from the Department of Dance who will perform works inspired by Negro Spirituals and Contemporary Gospel. The program is part of the Facility's monthly cultural and educational enrichment series and will serve girls ages 12 to 15.

In the spirit of helping you make multiple connections for different kinds of job options, one resource here on campus is through Arts and Sciences Career Services. Allison Plunkett is our contact there, and she’s working with us to get more arts related internships and jobs listed. Contact her at plunkett.21@osu.edu . She says students can access RESLINK system by going to the ASC Career Services website http://asccareerservices.osu.edu/ and clicking "Connect" under the Reslink icon. Students can receive a username and password to use Reslink by coming to 05 Brown Hall and signing the Reslink form at the front desk. This form enables us to send their resumes to employers who are interested in them.

Graduate Student Info
If you currently hold a GA or TA appointment and wish to continue your status through next academic year 07/08, you must submit a letter of intent. If your performance has been deemed satisfactory, you may expect a re-appointment. If you do not currently hold a GA or TA appointment and wish to be considered for a position or to change positions, you must submit a letter of intent plus a completed Graduate Associate Position Application (in your grad handbook), a current Vita which clearly lists your qualifications for the desired job, and a completed GA/TA Request Form (in your grad handbook). Please know that not all positions are available every year, and a position cannot be guaranteed. Letters and applications should be directed to Vicki Uris and are due by Friday, March 2.

Upcoming events
The Percussion Ensemble under the direction of Susan Powell and Joe Krygier and Department of Dance have collaborated again this year to produce OSU Drums Downtown at 8pm, this Friday and Saturday night, Feb 23-24 at the Riffe Center, Capitol Theatre. Check out works by Annie Beserra, Adriana Durant, Maria Glimcher, Melanie Bales, Jenai Cutcher and John Giffin. Call CAPA at 614-469-1045 for tickets. Tickets are $12 for students.

Happy Hour
MFA Concert featuring Jeffrey Fouch, Sarah Hixon and Jaclyn Thompson. Tickets are $5 at the door. Reminder: there is one free comp ticket to all dance students, faculty and staff. The concert runs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, March 1-3 at 8pm in Sullivant Hall Theatre. Ushers are needed, sign ups are outside of Studio 2.

Recent Projects/Work in Progress
On Friday, March 2, Peter Richards and Jaclyn Thompson will present "Dancing and Documentaries, an informal showing." The lec/dem starts at 3pm in Sullivant Hall Theatre. Peter will be showing the first draft of "The Legacy" and Jaclyn will be showing an excerpt from Kurt Jooss's "The Green Table."

Jeff Friedman
Jeff Friedman will be visiting the department on March 1 and 2. On Friday, March 2 he will present his research and teach a mini oral history workshop in Karen Eliot's Research Methods class. The presentation is from 2-5pm in Studio 5. This session is open to all and we welcome visitors. Feel free to come and go as you please. Read below for Jeff's bio.

Jeff Friedman is a dancer and choreographer based in San Francisco from 1979 to 2003. In San Francisco, he danced with the Oberlin Dance Collective, now ODC/San Francisco, for ten years and also created site-specific performances and dances based on oral history interviews. Jeff is the founder of LEGACY, an oral history project for the San Francisco Bay Area performing arts communities. LEGACY records, preserves and makes accessible the life-histories of dance, music,
theater and hybrid performance practitioners, with an emphasis on at-risk narrators. Based on his work with LEGACY, Jeff pursued his doctoral research at the University of California, Riverside, receiving his Ph.D. in 2003. His study of embodied narratives, a Labananalysis of nonverbal communication in dancers' oral histories, includes several interviews with former Twyla Tharp company members; tapes and transcripts are held in California, New York, and at the Lawrence and Lee Theater Research Institute. Jeff is currently on the faculty of the Department of Dance in Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University where he teaches dance history, technique, composition and repertory. His writing has been published in the British Oral History Society Journal and Historia, Antropologia y Fuentes Orales journal at the University of Barcelona.
Book chapters include "Muscle Memory" in Art and the Performing of Memory for Routledge Press and "Fractious Action" in the Oral History Reader for Altamira Press. He has been a guest teacher at Duke, Stanford, and UCLA, and directs LEGACY's annual summer oral history training workshop. Most recently, he was visiting lecturer at the Dance Studies Program at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. Jeff is currently developing a book-length manuscript on oral history and performance titled Clio Unclothed: Embodying Language, Performing History.

Conserve energy, remember to turn off all studio lights and stage lights when you are leaving the space!


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Note: Jeff is also speaking on Thursday 8:45-10:15 in the conference room, addressing doing research in dance in higher ed, how it relates to the tenure process, to teaching; about his work and path in particular. all are invited.

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