Sunday, February 11, 2007

Weekly Announcements: WEEK 7 | Feb 12-18

Notable News
Congratulations to all who were involved in the Dance & Media Installations event at Dragonfly and in the Chinese New Year Celebration at the Wexner Center this past weekend!

Department Forum
There will be a Department meeting about the Chair Search Candidates on Monday at 8:45-10:15 in Studio 2. All dance students, faculty and staff are encouraged to attend to offer input! Here's your opportunity to share your thoughts about who you think would be right for the job!

Candidate Evaluations
Reminder: The deadline to fill out all evaluation forms for the three candidates is Monday, Feb 12 at 8pm (before the meeting!) You can drop them off in the folder in the main office of the department or email them to .

Undergraduate Auditions
Undergraduate Auditions are happening this weekend! The festivities begin on Friday, Feb 16 with an open modern class at 8:45-10:15 in Studio 2 taught by Karen Eliot. There is also an open Social Dance class taught by John Giffin on Friday at 4:30-6:00 in Studio 1.

Thursday night - Hip Hop Artist Rennie Harris Lecture/demonstration
The University of Colorado at Boulder Department of Dance would like to extend you an invitation to join us, digitally, at a lecture/demonstration by Rennie Harris, artistic/executive director of RennieHarris Puremovement. Mr. Harris is currently in residency at the University of Colorado and will be offering this presentation focusing on his choreographic developement, influences, and processes in a career spanning over 15 that has been, as we all know, groundbreaking in import for Hip Hop dance, Modern dance and Concert dance nationally and internationally. The lecture will take place on Feb 15 at 7:00 pm in Studio 2. Then, leaving a little early, walk across to see Cleveland Dance Theatre in Mershon - great work, great company led by Michael Medcalf.

Free Tickets
Free tickets are available for faculty, staff and students to enjoy the Cleveland Contemporary Dance Theatre performance at 8 p.m. Thursday (2/15) in the Mershon Auditorium. Pick up two tickets with a valid OSU ID at the Ohio Union Information Center (between Ohio Stadium gates 22 and 24). Hailed as a first-rate company rooted in the tradition of black dance in America, the group's performance will celebrate Black History Month. The event is brought to you by the Ohio Union Activities Board. For details, visit or call 292-3117.

Shoes OFF!
Please remember to take your shoes off before entering the studios. The salt from the roads can ruin the floors, so remind your friends and TA's, remind your students!

Performance opportunity
Annehurst Elementary, a small Westerville community school of 360 students on Main Street in Westerville, will host an INTERNATIONAL Day on May 25th, 2007. They are looking for solo or group dances 5-10 minutes, from Africa, Asia, India, Ireland, Italy, Fance, Spain, or other! Contact Madeline Bumgarner at 614-901-0017 if interested.

Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course
Balance Arts Alexander Technique Teacher Training Course beginning September 2008 has openings for new students in New York City. If are plan to move to New York or visit in the summer, and are interested in exploring the Alexander Technique, there will be a 2 week summer intensive program: The Alexander Technique for Dancers. It will be held from July 9 -20 in New York City. Visit for more information. The Alexander Technique is a wonderful technique for dancers! Check it out!

Upcoming Performances
The SITI Company is presenting Radio Macbeth at the Wexner Center from Feb 14-18.

Alpha Omega Theatrical Dance Company is performing at the King Arts Complex Theatre on Feb 17.

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