Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekly Announcements: WEEK 5 | Jan 29-Feb 4

Notable News

6th Grade Students Visit the Department
On Thursday, January 18th, our department had the opportunity to host fifteen 6th grade students in order to show them opportunities that are available to them for higher education. The point was to open their eyes to more than just becoming a doctor, lawyer, or engineer. Having a career in the arts was stressed as an equally important career path for them to pursue. They were able to see various aspects of being a dance major including: a tour backstage with Dave, watching Abby's rehearsal, a visit to Nadine's costume shop, and a short media session about video dance and notation with JulieAnna and Erin. The students showed great enthusiasm throughout the tour and asked some great questions. Some of my favorite as the tour guide where:
To Abby in her rehearsal:
"You tell the dancers to move from a lot of bones, how do they know what you are talking about?", "How do the dancers get all loose?"
To Nadine:
"What formula do you have to use in order to design these costumes?"
To Robin:
"Do you think I can still come to college here if I got an 'F' in grade school?"

Thanks to everyone for making this the fabulous experience that it was. I'm sure that the day they spent in our department left a positive mark on their lives that they will use for inspiration as they get closer to making a decision about attending college someday. -Meagan Grund

SITI Company
The Department of Theatre is hosting the SITI Company for a week-long residency. If you are interested in observing, contact Jeanine Thompson at for more information.

Applications are due to John Giffin on or before Monday Feb. 19, 2007 by 12 noon. The committee will have only one week to review all applications and make the recommendations. Therefore, late applications are not accepted. Grads may apply to the Vickie Blaine Special Projects Fund. Know that funds are limited and that the process is competitive; awards will only be given to students in good standing. Tuition funding is also available, but only to students who have filed a FAFSA at the office of Student Financial Aid. Misty has placed updated Special Projects application forms in a folder on the shallow table opposite the cushy couches in the hallway. Please review the guidelines in your handbooks outlining application procedure. If you have any questions, contact John Giffin at .

Master Class
Lori Bellilove, " of the most impassioned and authentic Duncan interpreters around," will be teaching a master class in the Isadora Duncan technique on Friday, February 9, 10:30 am. She will be teaching Abby's Modern 3 class, but anyone else is welcome to sign up and participate. The sign up sheet is posted on the DOWNSTAIRS BULLETIN BOARD.

Ushers Needed
The Winter Concert is next week, and we're in desperate need of volunteer ushers to work the show Thursday through Saturday. Please remember that ushers receive a comp ticket, so this is a fantastic opportunity for dance minors, seminar students, elective students, and extra-curricular dance lovers. Please help spread the word! Sign up sheets are located on the production board outside Studio 1. Further instruction for ushers can be found there.

Summer Research Opportunity Program
This is a summer research internship designed to help minority undergraduates explore opportunities for graduate study and academic careers. Participants work with faculty members on mutually agreed upon areas of research and develop student-professor relationships that are crucial to success in graduate school.Once enrolled in SROP, the Graduate School provides a stipend of $3000 and a $1,000 housing allowance (or a dorm room for the 9 week program). The program targets African-American, Native American, and Latino students who have a 3.0 or above grade point average and will have completed their sophomore year by the beginning of the summer term. Students in every major are eligible to apply, but they must not be graduating before December 2007. In order to participate in this program, students must indicate an interest in pursuing a master’s or Ph.D. degree. Contact Tracy Carpenter directly with questions at .

A.R.T. Program
A letter from Sara Green, OSU Dance alumna
Dear Friends, Happy New Year! 2006 was a productive and successful year for Art for Refugees in Transition, A.R.T. The two programs we established in 2003 for Burmese refugees in Thailand are now self-sustaining, and we have begun our expansion into Latin America to help rebuild its refugee communities as well, through their indigenous arts. We are also planning for our expansion into the United States where we will be working with resettled refugees. A.R.T. helps rebuild individual and community identity for refugees worldwide. Drawing upon the indigenous art forms of each community, A.R.T.'s programs are designed to enable the elders of a culture to educate and incorporate the younger generation in their cultural traditions. By developing self-sustaining curricula and training programs, A.R.T. engages children and adults in visual, performing and creative arts drawn from their own cultures. These activities provide local and international relief institutions with tools to help refugee communities cope with the trauma, terror and dislocation of war and natural disaster. Please visit our website at for information on A.R.T. and our programs.

Upcoming Performances
This weekend is the OSU Dance Student Winter Concert, "From Ginsberg to Strauss, with some Tappin' in between." The show is at 8pm, Thursday - Saturday in Sullivant Hall Theatre. Reminder, OSU dance students, faculty and staff get one comp ticket!

CM2 is presenting "Columbus Dances 2" at Columbus Dance Theatre. The show is at 8pm, Friday - Saturday, and Sunday at 2pm.

Happy Birthday to Jeffrey Fouch, Marilyn Lopez and Noelle Stiles!

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