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Weekly Announcements: WEEK 2: Jan 9-14

Notable News
Welcome back everyone! Let's welcome three new undergraduate students, Christianne Beffel, Lauren Dunford and Kasia Hinchman, and one new graduate student, Lise Worthen-Chaudari! We also have some new teaching artists visiting us this quarter: Alum Tim Veach, artistic director of Columbus Dance Theatre will be teaching Ballet. Maria Glimcher, choreographer and teacher at BalletMet, is with us as lecturer and will be teaching Ballet and setting a piece for Drums Downtown. Alumna Erin Tisdale also joins us as lecturer teaching notation and working with the department's archives. Alumna Teena Custer, b-girl extraordinare will be teaching two Hip Hop classes. If you are interested in taking an independent study with Teena about the history and teaching of Hip Hop, let Susan Petry know soon! . Chris Roman from the Forsythe Company is working with Norah Zuniga Shaw at ACCAD and recently taught a master class to students on Friday, Jan 6.
Bebe Miller is back! She is organizing the master classes for this quarter, so be on the lookout for visits from the Alpha Omega Dance Company and Lori Bellilove.

International Adventures
Norah Zuniga Shaw is working with artists from Europe in her ongoing project with the Forsythe Company. Nicole Stanton and grad Jenai Cutcher are in Cuba right now taking part in an exchange program that explores Afro-Cuban-Haitian Folkloric Dance, Cuban Popular Dance, Cuban Tap Dance, percussion and song. Abby Yager and Ming-Lung Yang just finished teaching and working in Taiwan. Vicki Uris will be heading to Taiwan soon to set a work there. Karen Eliot, Nicole Stanton, Norah Zuniga Shaw, Candace Feck and grad student Annie Beserra will be traveling to Paris to present papers at the CORD/SDHS conference. Sheila Marion is traveling to Taiwan to administer the Labanotation Teacher Certification Course, and will also be visiting Mexico for an IKCL conference. Senior Sara Wiseman just came back from her coaching sessions in Amsterdam with Andre Gingras and in Massachusetts with Laurie May. Four students along with Melanye White-Dixon will be traveling to Toronto for the IABD conference. Bebe Miller will be venturing to Hawaii to set a work in mid-January. John Giffin plans to set a work at Alfred University. Finally, there are discussions underway for setting up formal exchange programs with Universities in Taiwan and South Africa!

Award winners
There are three dance grads nominated for the Graduate Teaching Awards! Keep your fingers crossed! Congratulations to AGGRS winners Colleen Leonardi and Jaclyn Thompson, and to Joanna Lees for her Undergraduate Research Scholarship!

John Giffin won the 2006 Harlan Hatcher Memorial Awards for Excellence which is presented in recognition of distinguished, sustained, and balanced achievements in the areas of teaching, research, and service. Bebe Miller has been awarded the 2006 Governor's Award for the Arts, in the Individual Artist category.

Facility Updates
The ventilation system has been cleaned! Faculty locker rooms have been painted! Windows in Studio 1 have been replaced! Studio 2 goes wireless! Conference room furniture has been ordered! Studios 1 and 4 have TVs with VHS and DVD systems! More to come in the future: student locker rooms updated, new carpeting, and theatre upgrades!

Outreach and Engagement
The audience development efforts paid off for Crossing Terrains! Winners of the Referral Campaign were India Granderson, Betina Dunson, Jaclyn Thompson, Emily Bass and Lauren Mark.

The adjudication for the Winter Concert and for ACDFA will be held on this Tuesday, Jan 9 at 6:30 in Sullivant Hall Theatre. Studio 1 is available for warm-up starting at 6pm.

Get Involved
The Absolutely Fabulous Dance Company (ARC dancers) are looking for more dancers this year. Contact Peter Richards for an audition, . The group meets on Fridays from 1-2pm, and they are getting ready for their big performance on April 3-4 at OSU.

Sign up to be an usher at an upcoming concert in Sullivant Hall on the board outside of Studio 1!

Get your T-shirt designs in for the 2006-2007 OSU Dance T-shirt design contest! Give them to any of the student reps. Winner receives a $25 gift card!

Graduate and Undergraduate auditions are approaching! Volunteers are needed to help organize the auditions. Stay tuned for more information on auditions.

Need money to make it happen? Start thinking about applying for the Dance Preservation Fund and for Departmental Scholarships and Grants. Get your FAFSA in soon for scholarship applicants! Remember, even if you were awarded a scholarship last year, you need to re-apply again this year!

Have some extra time on your hands? Take Tai Chi Dowing, Methods and Materials of Modern Dance, Hip Hop on Saturdays or Pilates Reformer! Refer to the schedule for class times. In addition, Annie Kloppenberg is teaching Yoga at the RPAC on Sunday nights from 7-8:30. Take all the fitness classes you want at the RPAC for $35 a quarter!

Pick up a Dance Card in the department to keep up on all the dance events happening in Columbus! Check out the Wexner Center's calendar too for upcoming shows!

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