Sunday, November 19, 2006

Weekly Announcements: WEEK 9 | NOV 20-26

Notable News
Congratulations to Karen Ivy, and dancers Boris Willis and Anna Reed for their wonderful performance in Green at ACCAD. Congratulations to Jenai Cutcher, Adriana Durant, Chelsey Dunkel and Yu Xiao for their beautiful dancing and choreography presented in Dancing Alone at Columbus Dance Theatre.

Evaluate your instructors! The deadline to fill out SEIs (Student Evaluation of Instruction) is 5:00 pm on Monday, Dec 4. Online SEIs are available Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 1:30 am, Saturday 6:30 am - midnight, and Sunday 11:00 am - 1:30 am. All SEI responses are confidential, and no information that identifies you individually is reported to the instructor. Instructors receive reports of average responses given by all students in a course only after final grades have been submitted. To fill out the electronic SEIs, go to

Requests for showing work
Anyone interested in showing work in the dance major informance on Dec 2, please send Rachael Fullenkamp an e-mail regarding the type of work, length, name of the piece, whether video or audio will be needed, and any other information that you feel is necessary. The deadline to do this is Nov 27 and you can send information to Rachael at .

Jennifer Taggert, an art student from OSU, is planning to use dance for her final project in her photoshop class. She is hoping to find a dance rehearsal on the stage that she could attend to shoot video and photos for her final project. If anyone is interested or is planning to have a rehearsal on stage and wouldn't mind her stopping by, please email her some dates and times that would work at . It would be great documentation for the dancers as well as the choreographer.

Next week in Dance
Crossing Terrains will be presented in Sullivant Hall on Dec 1-2 at 8pm. The cost to attend this concert is $5 at the door. This concert features works from faculty members Michael Kelly Bruce, Ming-Lung Yang and Norah Zuniga-Shaw as well as works from visiting artists Kathleen Hermesdorf, Albert Mathius and Michael Estanich.

Click on the image to download the postcard for this show. Faculty, staff and students...don't forget about the referral campaign!

On Wednesday, November 8th members of Compagnie Tche Tche spoke with a group of over 75 people comprised of dance majors, faculty and students from elective courses. The company brought to Columbus by the Wexner Center is one of the only all female contemporary dance companies from Africa. Based in the Ivory Coast, the director spoke about how they have built an international reputation throughout Europe and the Middle East without receiving support from their local government. Many questions were raised about the hardships of establishing and maintaining an all female company within African Culture. Even though the company of four female dancers and three male musicians was limited by the language barrier to communicate with the dance department, it was clear that all were united by a philosophy that a passion for dance is what keeps us all going and committed to the field.

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