Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Prizes to be Won...In the department's referral campaign

The department is launching a referral campaign for the upcoming Resident and Visiting Artist Concert – Crossing Terrains on Dec. 1 & 2 at 8 pm in Sullivant Hall. Prizes will be given to those individuals who recruit the most audience members.

Here's how it works. We will be asking audience members "What made you come tonight?" When promoting the show tell your acquaintances to say your name when they are asked this question. Then, prizes will be distributed at the beginning of next quarter to those individuals who recruited the most audience members.

We encourage you to use this opportunity to invite new audiences to dance. Think beyond your family, your housemates and friends. Who do you think could be moved, excited, inspired, or entertained from seeing this performance and possibly turn into a regular audience member for dance? Maybe the person who works at your coffee shop, maybe a neighbor you have been meaning to introduce yourself to, maybe someone in your biology class, maybe your biology professor. There are endless possibilities. We encourage you to be creative, and don’t forget the show only costs $5.00.

We will be sending out an electronic version of the postcard that you can distribute via email. The department will also send up to ten postcards that you hand address and bring to the office. We also encourage you to pick up stacks of cards outside of MKB or Robin's office to distribute throughout the city. You can also refer individuals to this blog where they can preview videos about the work at www.osudance.blogspot.com and there is always the good old method of word of mouth promoting.

Any questions ask Robin at anderson.1213@osu.edu
Let's sell out this show and share the sheer power of live dance.

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